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Products are loaded and secured onto your vehicle for smooth transportation.
Auberlet & Laurent owes our reputation to our design office, among others, for its capacity to orchestrate all fibrous plaster, resin, stucco and GRG operations.
Design Office
The office focuses on designing works both in terms of their technical and aesthetic requirements, with the greatest respect for stylistic and architectural conventions.

In order to achieve this, it draws upon the company’s archive material and, even more so, upon the investment, passion and knowledge of our staff and, in particular, our director.

It readily performs scans of historic sites to further refine its expertise. For example, many visits to Rome, Venice and Versailles have served to study Italian Baroque architecture as part of a prestigious Parisian commission.

The expertise of the design office is recognised by a great many architects, decorators and clients, who have entrusted it with classical, modern and contemporary projects demanding complete mastery of proportion.
Auberlet & Laurent undertakes all works in compliance with French Building Standards (DTU) :

  • Traditional ceilings
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Coffered or decorative ceilings
  • Laminated resin ceilings
  • Installation of fibrous plaster and resin features
  • Installation of GRG
  • Works using stucco

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We ship virtually everywhere in the world with the help of our specialist partners in road, air and maritime transport. Our teams are trained and our workshops equipped to load 20-foot and 40-foot containers, as well as articulated lorries.
Held to the company’s strict qualification and training standards, they perform precision work that is appreciated, most notably, in the smoothness of a ceiling, the placement of ornaments, the refinement of fittings and the quality of a finish.

The associates of the company, in conjunction with the artistry of our design office, are what enable us to meet our uncompromising aesthetic and architectural demands, while fulfilling all of the technical requirements of a commission (air conditioning integration, lighting, mechanical ventilation systems, acoustics, etc.).
Since quality of installation and of production are inextricably linked, Auberlet & Laurent offers the services of our select and passionate associates, who are highly experienced with regard to the most prestigious worksites.
Global Service
+33 (0)1 48 85 95 99
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EPV Certified
This policy is also founded upon the well-being of all involved :

Auberlet & Laurent imposes strict rules for worksite cleanliness.

In order to guarantee the safety of employees, the company provides our teams with extensive training (scaffolding, first aid, lead, etc.).

Conscious to protect their health, we are proud to collaborate with occupational health services to continually invest in outfitting our workshops (air extraction, dehumidification, etc.) and equipping our associates.

The company contributes equally to protecting the environment by placing great importance on how waste material is handled, in addition to conducting ongoing research into ever more ecological solutions in partnership with specialised companies.
QUALIBAT Certified
AUBERLET & LAURENT holds the QUALIBAT EFF3 certification Code 6512
Logistical Shipping
Shipping companies with intimate knowledge of our products to ensure fully secure delivery.
High-quality made to measure packaging suitable for all destinations.
It brings to life the visions of our clients by means of drawings, sketches, designs, models and plans, laying foundations that guarantee the success of every project.
PACKAGING FOR EXPORT (Air & Maritime Transport) :
For air and maritime transport, our products are packed into special triple-wall corrugated fibreboard crates on separate pallets made of treated wood.
When transporting our goods within France and Europe, we use double-wall corrugated fibreboard crates on separate pallets.
Living Heritage Company
French Excellence Knowledge