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In addition to the selling standard models from our catalogue, we welcome commissions for the most diverse of creations. By virtue of our historic collection and highly skilled ornamental plasterers and sculptors, we can offer unique decor tailored to the expectations of our clientele.  Furthermore, we will provide clients with scale models for a better visual representation of their projects.
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Bespoke Craftsmanship
Exclusively 100% manual craftsmanship by men and women trained in the company’s techniques.
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Materials such as plaster, sisal (plant fibre) and water are the key ingredients in our products.

The precision of our associates in determining the quantities and recipes by which these ingredients are mixed, as well as in their strokes, guarantees products of inimitable quality.

Guided by the satisfaction of its clients, the company never strays from our founding principle: observing the precepts of proportion, aesthetics, style and architecture.
Fibrous Plaster

Fibrous plaster, also known as staff, is a 100% natural “material” that has enjoyed widespread popularity since the 19th century. As well as adapting to all shapes and styles, it presents remarkable technical characteristics: it is flame resistant, light and strong. It guarantees durable stability and can be used to update any decor to the style of the day.

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Resin (Polyurethane/Polyester) :

Light and resistant, resin serves to fashion more intricate decor. As a pioneer in materials, the company has continually expanded our catalogue and collection since the 1970s, with the addition of numerous resin features offering ever more choice to our clients.

Through a process of lamination, combining resin with glass mats enables us to produce large-scale decorative features – for example, to embellish outer façades – and Hammam ceilings, columns, pilasters, etc.


An extremely hard plasterboard reinforced with glass matting, GRG creates light forms of large dimensions, low thickness and high resistance. The mechanical assembly of these elements facilitates large-scale contemporary works.

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Our expertise is revealed not only in the creation of the most complex forms, but also the knowledge required to restore specific decorative styles.
100% French Production
EPV Certified
Stone Stucco :

A mixture of various plasters, ground stone and pigments, this type of stucco is characterised by its resemblance to stone. It can be worked directly onto walls or in the workshop (for cornice mouldings, pilasters, etc.). We specialise in creating wall panels and fashioning stair stringers, soffits and stylobates.
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Our Workshop
Identical Reproduction
Auberlet & Laurent is called upon to reproduce cornices, rosettes, mouldings and ornaments damaged by water, fire or during the displacement or modification of a partition wall (fibrous or other plasterwork).
QUALIBAT Certified
AUBERLET & LAURENT holds the QUALIBAT EFF3 certification Code 6512
Bespoke Creations
Mastery of the Materials
Living Heritage Company
French Excellence Knowledge